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These are not your everyday patrol boxes. First, they are aluminum which makes them lighter and more durable than wood. After years of camping experience by many in the troop, we designed and had someone fabricate these quality aluminum patrol boxes. A couple of things that constantly bothered me about typical wooden patrol boxes were, first they were heavy and second you really couldn't put a LP tank and stove in them. For the same outside dimensions we have accomplished everything, in a lighter and more durable box. This is the complete and ultimate patrol box.

We have listed the main features. A detailed inventory can be seen below.

  • Aluminum construction - won't rust, rot, splinter, or fall apart
  • Very strong - will easily support 300 lbs standing on it (we've tried)
  • Very light - the box empty weighs in at just over 40 lbs - half the weight of one with plywood
  • Holds 5 lb LP tank and camp stove
  • Everything stored in Rubbermaid containers - keeps things clean and organized
    • Bread boxes for paper towels; foil, zip-loc bags, garbage bags; utensils
    • Two spring-loaded recessed handles on each side for easier carrying by younger scouts
  • Baked on powder coat finish - as strong as the aluminum it's covering

For detailed plans click here: Patrol Box Plans.

To see more photos please roll over drawings.

Right Side
Looking in at the prep side of the box
top closed
Looking down to see the layout (doors closed)
Left Side
Looking in at the cooking side of the box
End View
End of the box doors closed
Top Open
Looking down to see the layout (doors open)
Side Open
End of the box doors open
Side Closed
Side with door closed

Patrol Box Inventory

1 whisk
1 can opener
1 potato peeler
1 spatula
1 serving spoon
1 serving fork
1 ladle
1 carving knife
1 paring knife
1 tongs
1 measuring cup
1 measuring spoons
Cleaning Supplies
1 sm bottle bleach
2 rubber gloves
1 sm bottle dish soap
1 ScotchBrite pad
1 brush
1 sponge
3 wash basins
1 aluminum heavy duty foil
5 kitchen trash bags
1 paper towels
4 1-gallon zip-loc freezer bags
Eating Gear
8 plastic plates
8 plastic cups
8 spoons, forks, knives
1 Coleman 2 burner propane stove
1 5# propane tank
1 custom length propane hose
Cooking Gear
1 aluminum non-stick frying pan
1 aluminum non-stick sauce 1 quart pan
1 aluminum non-stick sauce 2 quart pan
1 aluminum non-stick stock pot
1 large plastic mixing bowl
1 Coleman aluminum non-stick griddle
1 cutting board
1 salt shaker
1 pepper shaker
1 bottle cinnamon
1 bottle onion powder
1 bottle chili powder
1 bottle seasoning salt
1 sm bottle cooking oil
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