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This section is provided as a convenience to Life scouts working their way to Eagle. If you can think of a resources that we have forgotten, please send an email to our webmaster.

Boy Scout Requirements Steps from Life to EagleEagle Badge
  • Eagle Project Plan Checklist - Follow the steps outlined to get your project started. Use the following link to get a copy of the Project Workbook.

  • Attention Scouts, Leaders, and Parents or Guardians:
    Eagle Scout rank requirement 5 has been reworded. To support that change, a new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook has been created. Through Dec. 31, 2011, Scouts have a choice to use either the new workbook or the one it is replacing. Scouts whose Eagle Scout service project has already been approved by the council or district under the former wording of requirement 5—and using the former workbook—should continue with the same workbook. If their project has not yet been approved by the council or district, they may elect to use the revised requirement 5 and the new workbook. Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Eagle Scout candidates—unless they have already submitted a plan for approval by the council or district under the former requirement—will be expected to fulfill the revised service project requirement 5 using the new workbook.

  • Eagle Project Workbook - This link will take you to the NESA website to get a copy of the workbook. You can also pick up a hardcopy at the Boy Scout Office.

  • Eagle Project Application Cover Sheet - Bring this completed form and your troop/Scoutmaster-approved Eagle Project Workbook with you to get your project approved by the Council/District.

  • Hawkeye Area Council Eagle Resources - The Council checklists and other resources are available here. Scroll down the page to Eagle Scout.

Pre-Board Checklist Eagle Board of Review

  • Eagle Scout Rank Application Form - Once all your requirements are complete, you need to fill out the entire first page of this form and up to "Signature of applicant" on the second page, and take it to the Scout Office. You also need to coordinate with the advancement chairperson to make sure your records have been validated with the Council/National.

  • Pre-Board Checklist - Before you call to try and set up your Eagle Board of Review please review this Pre-Board Checklist.

Post Eagle Board of Review

  • Links for Eagle letter requests - Once your son has passed his Eagle Board of Review, you might like to send out some requests for letters congratualing him on his accomplishment and hard work. This file has links to several good sources of letters he will cherish. Links are included for the President of the U.S., Senators, etc.

ASM Eagle Advisor

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