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For a pdf of the plans, click here: Patrol Box Plans.

Click here for some helpful hints and build notes: Build Notes.

The rough outside dimensions are 20x20x36
Both sides doors double a work surfaces. One side is for cooking the other is for food preparation. Measure your stove and tank these vary in size. They will dictate where you put the center divider etc....
Note: ours have older skinny Coleman stoves. On later versions we had to allow for fatter stoves and we started putting the shelf in with the lip up. This helps keep items on the shelf in transit. Suggest you use pop rivets for all the hardware and weld joints. Powder Coat really holds up.

The images below are included for your visual reference while using the plans.

Stove Side
View of stove in kitchen.
Handle View
View of handles installed on box.
Handle Out
View of handle out.
Door Clasp
View of door clasp.
Shelf Measurement
View of prep side open with shelf measurement.
Shelf Measurement 2
Additional measurements.
Stove Side Measurements
View of stove side measurements.
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