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Well I've had a lot of other troops ask how we do it. So rather than answer the numerous emails, I'll try to answer your questions here. If you still have a question please le me know.

Where do you host your web site?
I'm actually in the business myself. If you would like hosting for your troop web site I will do it for only $10 per month payable yearly. You will have full ftp or FrontPage access to your site. You will get unlimited email accounts and access to your site statistics. You can have a password protected area like we do and more.Email me for more information.

Where did you get your calendar?
Our calendar is free of charge and was developed just for scouts. Visit for this wonderful calendar.

What is behind your members only area?
We have a event registration system that allows us to promote upcoming events and get registrations online. We have our troop roster that holds the name, address, phone, emails and parent information. Each boy on our roster has a link to there advancement report from TroopMaster software. To do this we exported an individual history report as an html file for each boy and linked to this. We have a page that contains a list of all resources in our library and a link to request a book from the librarian. We have a page that shows our complete inventory and link to request something from our quartermaster. The library and quartermaster pages are maintained by them with page they can update from the web without having any special software. We also have our committee minutes, list our merit badge counselors, have our rules and all of the forms anyone would need.

How did you get your members only area?
I put all of the pages in the password protected directory. Any page created and placed in the directory will become password protected. The main reason for the password is to protect personal information.

Free business cards and more!
Yes every troop needs business cards. Hand them out to new members visiting your troop, give them to parents of current members, all of those scout meetings you go to and anywhere else. Hey when they are free why not. Here is another very cool web site with things every troop can use. I started with free business cards and it went from there. Click the below banner to get free business cards and more. I really do mean free.

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