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March 2018 Campout Limericks:

We’re the scouts from troop 42
And we know just what to do
On the trails that are muddy
I hike with my buddy
We never lose one, but two
-Mr. Ryan

In summer I go to scout camp
Where the mornings are quite damp
The days are muggy
With the nights quite buggy
I always come home a champ
-Mr. Cole

There once was a scout who got eagle
Some say he could hike like a beagle
He helps scouts advance
His campfires are like a dance
Sean Ehlert helps our troop be regal
-Mr. Cole

There once was a troop with a bus
It made campouts much less a fuss
One month no drivers
Bad locks, an under miner
Still fun but the bus is a plus
-Mr. Cole

There once was a scout that was Life
Who wanted from his dad a knife
Wrote him a letter
How to get better
And mint cookies for a wife
-Mr. Burger

Once there was an awesome pony
Whose beautiful name was Tony
Suspicious was Ted
Who took off the head
And they all knew he was a phony

There once was a man named O’Hare
Who found a way to sell the air
Made lots of money
Couldn’t find a honey
So he became Thneedville’s mayor
-Sean, Nic, Ernie

There once was a young boy named Nic
Who couldn’t think of a limerick
He sat down and thought
For concepts he fought
But none of them would even stick

There once was a man named Hawking
Who you could say was quite the king
Studying the stars
Still looking afar
But could not ever sing